Wrapping Paper

Our Wrapping Paper is perfect for that special gift or Christmas presents.

Available in either:
500mm wide on a 50metre roll for $33 (incl GST)
or our convenience range of
760mm wide on a 3metre roll for $3.00 (incl GST)

There are a wide range of colours and styles available to choose from, the pictures below are only a small sample of what is available.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Image Measurements Code Price (incl GST)
500mmx50mtr 45-KH GOL $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-SMK BRI $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-ST K RED $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-XJ2 $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-XOT GS $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-BK COP $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-GEO $33.00
500mmx50mtr 45-FLORAL $33.00
760mmx3mtr $3.00 per roll
760mmx3mtr $3.00 per roll