Bubble Wrap

Our Bubble Wrap comes in P10(bubbles are 10ml) and is an ideal wrapping product to protect fragile items from damage.

The Pallet Wrap is used to wrap and secure packages from damage whilst they are being transported.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Description Measurements Qty Code Price (incl GST)
Bubble Wrap  
Bubble Wrap 375mm x 50m long per roll 43-P10H $18.00
Bubble Wrap – DISCOUNTED STOCK 500mm x 50m long per roll 43-P10W $23.10  $20.00
(Collect only)
Bubble Wrap 680mm x 50m long per roll 43-P10680 $33.00
Bubble Wrap 1metre x 50m long per roll 43-P1000 $41.25
Pallet Wrap  
Pallet Wrap 25um 50cm x 375m long per roll 43-Pallet 25um $33.00
Pallet Wrap 20um 50cm x 450m long per roll 43-Pallet 20um $29.95