Brown Paper Bags

Our Handled Paper Bags have a paper twist handle. They are ideal for clothing & giftware boutiques.

They are available in White or Brown.

Prices for individual packs of 50 are available on request.

Prices are subject to change without notice.




Description Measurements (LxW) Qty Code Price (incl GST)
Runt Brown Bag
Twist Handle
165mm x 140mm
(+75mm gusset)
500 11-PCB BR $195.00
Toddler Brown Bag
Twist Handle
200mm x 170mm (+100mm gusset) 500 11-PCB BT $210.00 
Baby Brown Bag, Paper Twist Handle 265mm x 160mm
(70mm side/bottom gusset)
Also comes with a 50mm side/bottom gusset – please specify which size required.
500 11-PCB BB Baby

$300(70mm gusset)
$205(50mm gusset)

Junior Brown Twist Handle 290mm x 200mm
(+100mm gusset)
250 11-PCB BJ $  105.00 
Small Brown Bag, Paper Twist Handle 350mm x 260mm
(90mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCB B1 Small $ 110.00
Medium Brown Bag, Paper Twist Handle 420mm x 310mm
(110mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCB BM Medium $130.00
Large Brown Bag, Paper Twist Handle 480mm x 340mm
90mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCB B2 Large $160.00
Extra Large Brown Bag, Paper Twist Handle 500mm x 450mm
125mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCB B3  XLarge $225.00
Small Brown Bag Paper Twist Handle
250mm (high) x 350mm (wide)
(110mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCBTQ BSB $130.00
Medium Brown Bag Paper Twist Handle
310mm (high) x 420mm (wide)
(110mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCBTQ BMB $138.00
Large Brown Bag Paper Twist Handle
350mm (high) x 450mm (wide)
(125mm side/bottom gusset)
250 11-PCBTQ B4 Large $188.00