Paper Kraft Salad/Acai Bowls

These PLA Coated Kraft Bowls are  perfect for servings of salad, acai, pasta, or rice.

Suitable for hot and cold food. Food safe.

Made from all-natural paper material with a bioplastic coat, which enables these takeaway containers to be biodegradable and compostable.

Please Note – Lids sold separately.

Packet(of 50) prices available.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Description Measurements Qty Code Price (incl GST)
Small Kraft Bowl 16oz(500ml) 300 31-Paper Bowl PLA 16oz  $102.30
Medium Kraft Bowl 25oz(750ml) 300 31-Paper Bowl PLA 25oz $108.25
Large Kraft Bowl 32oz(1000ml) 300 31-Paper Bowl PLA 32oz $115.85
Clear PET Lid(fits all 3 sizes) 300 31-Paper Bowl PLA Lid $49.20