Recyclable PET Cups

Discover our range of PET cold cups and lids, now made with Recycled material!

Perfect for serving water, juices, soft drinks, smoothies, frappes,  milkshakes, and plenty more.

Individual pack prices are available.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Description Measurements (weight) Qty Code Price (incl GST)
12/14oz w/ Green Stripe 12/14oz(425ml) Carton of 1000 33-PET12/14CTN $126.50
16oz w/ Green Stripe 16oz(500ml) Carton of 1000 33-PET16CTN $141.00
20oz w/ Green Stripe 20oz(590ml) Carton of 1000 33-PET20CTN $150.50
24oz w/ Green Stripe 24oz(700ml) Carton of 600 33-PET24CTN $103.00
LIDS – fits all size cups
Dome Lid 98mm Carton of 1000 33-PET16LIDDomeCTN $65.00
Flat Lid 98mm Carton of 1000 33-PET16LIDFlatCTN $65.00